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Written by Stella Teo on 16th November, 2016
Watch the "7 Days Express Mandarin Course" in Action !!!
The 7 Days Course is an intensive and comprehensive programme that is suitable for beginners who wish to speak Mandarin FAST! It includes Day 1 to Day 7 Lessons, each Day with many parts. There are more 20 hours of videos created by our Expert Chinese Teachers.

You can also master Simplified Chinese Characters writing which we teach you from scratch for beginners. With the use of Han Yu Pin Yin, we teach you how to pronounce Chinese words correctly using these various tonations so you don't embarrass yourself when conversing with the Chinese. We provide online coaching with webinars or if you prefer a private session with the tutor just to master the language privately, we could also able to arrange it for you.

There are always Real expert teachers to guide you anytime you need help with our 24/7/365 live chat support running; you could always write in or chat live online with us anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available for you to connect us.

Here are more included in the "7 Days Express Mandarin Course":-
* Conversations in schools, work place, daily routines and more...
* Simple Chinese sentence formations and how you use them daily,
* Sing more than 100s of Chinese songs and Popular songs in the 7 Days,
* 150 Nouns and 100 plus Adjectives - single radicals and words formations,
* Download pdf files so you could practice writing after watching videos,
* Learning is anytime, anywhere and repeatedly (as long as you are connected to wifi
   and internet access),
* Certifications to be awarded upon successful completion of the Course,
* Submit videos of your sentence pronunciations so teachers can grade accordingly,
* Able to participate in our iPhone 7 Plus Challenge,
(check guideline on how to post your videos inside our membership site)
*Upgrade to next level with certification accredited by Ministry of Education.
*Learn a new language for better employability if you are currently looking for a job either in your country or abroad.

Mdm Stella Teo will Personally teach you 
 "7 Days Express Mandarin Course"
in simple and fun way....suitable for all...
You can even learn it together as a family.

Learn a new language together with your children and beloved ones....

Our Online educational Portal allows your entire family to watch and learn together as a family. It's going to be so fun speaking Mandarin together....

Suitable for young children from 4 years above.

Parents companions and guidance will aid in your children's learning progress since early childhood days.

Suitable for retirees or grand-parents

If you are retired, this is the best chance for you to learn a new language. Our course enables you to learn Anytime, Anywhere and best is Repeatedly. This means you don't have to worry about not able to remember the new language well because you can always log in to do revisions repeatedly.

For Executives, CEO, COO, CFOs, etc.

We understand how tough you face in daily challenges in todays' business world. Many times difficult decisions have to be made on the spot. If you meet Chinese partners, you need to converse well to them instantly. Beats the language barrier. Things are about to change. BIG TIME! for you and your organisation.

Learn a new language as a team to serve your customers from China or any Chinese speaking customers better

Imagine if you or your team can speak Mandarin together as a team fast, you will be able to serve more rich Chinese customers better with great tips $ !
About is the online education portal supporting our existing Physical Tuition Classes of Jumanji Tuition School from Brunei Darussalam.

Our Online Academy is an added feature to facilitate education beyond our tuition schools. Students of all ages can learn anywhere, anytime, repeatedly as long as there is internet connection or wifi services they could access. Usually students can easily access our learning portal with ease as long as they have a cell phone with them.

In, learning is fun for our students because we include rewards, prizes as their points increases each time they enter to participate in all our online learning activities including attending live webinar sessions with their tutors.

About Author: 
Mdm.Stella Teo

Originally a Singaporean residing in Brunei Darussalam for the past 21 years since 1996 after she married her business partner Mr.Michael Kang. Stella Teo is the 4th Generation Chinese in Singapore. Her ancestors were all from China, Hokkien (福建东山省)Province.

Her frequent visits to China has earned her a DDS Therapist Qualification. She is a qualified DDS Therapist and has published her own e-book about the DDS therapy and its benefits to our health.Validated herself as a walking testimonial.
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