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Jumanji Tuition School
High Tech, High Touch Established since 2005
Proudly Brunei Darussalam
You may choose either Kiulap Branch or Sungai Tilong HQ to sign up in any of your preferred branches below. We collect payments online and offline.

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Our Philosophy
We believe that all of our students have the potential to excel and that academic success is a key factor in the quest of bettering oneself with the incorporation of the latest technology or any newest teaching methodology.
Our Vision
To produce competent students who will grow into individuals that hunger for excellence in performance and strive for success in their lives by instilling in them an undying passion in search for and to acquire knowledge.
Our Mission
By empowering our delivery of knowledge with technology, we make every effort to equip our students with the essential knowledge they need, thereby boosting their confidence and hence their academic performance. Always applying MIB concept and Traditional Values in their hearts.
About Us
Our name actually stems from the Chinese expression “座满地补习学校”, meaning “Sit Full House Tuition School” in direct translation from Chinese to English language. “座满地” romanised has the same tonation as “Jumanji”, a play of words from its actual source. "补习学校" as in tuition school.

Jumanji Tuition School started out in 2005 as a humble tuition centre based from home with less than 2 tutors since and has now grown to twenty folds the number of teaching staff. Our first centre was opened in Kiulap a year later in 2006 with an ambition to be the very best provider specialised in educational tutorial services from Primary to Form 6 levels (up to G.C.E.”A” Level) the high tech and high touch way.


*We deliver Results
*Proven strategies to ACE your results in Exam!
*We CARE for You!
*We Provide Quality Teachings
*We Believe You can Do It!
Jumanji Tuition School Group and Individual Tuition


*We believe in helping our students believe in themselves
*We believe that they can do better if they want to and are willing to put in the effort
*We believe we can help them
*We have turned around many students
*The satisfaction that we derived far outweighed other rewards
Jumanji Tuition School Group and Individual Tuition


Jumanji Tuition School Group and Individual Tuition
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Jumanji Tuition School Testimonials from Students and Parents
1000s of TESTIMONIALS were collected over the years and even till today. The video testimonials above are just some of the chosen ones. Even though we have many, we need more. So if you are an ex-student of Jumanji Tuition School, kindly email us with your video testimonial and we will surely post them up here. Thank you for your continual support.
*Testimonials collected are approved and endorsed by parents in Terms and Conditions signed by Parents upon their registration. Testimonials collected reflect the period students were having tuition with us. Jumanji Tuition School always produce and will produce top grade students provided students are willing to work hard and attend tutorial lessons diligently. If failure to attend tutorial lessons punctually and with poor attendance, we are not liable to their poor grades obtained at any time.
Going Beyond Brunei....Bali, Indonesia...Nan Ning, China.....More in future
Jumanji Tuitionj School's Mdm.Stella Teo explaining online courses via mobile phone to Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, king of Brunei
Mdm.Stella Teo explaining our Online Courses to Brunei's King.
Brunei's King signing a Certificate of Participation of Jumanji Tuition School in CAEXPO 2017.
Minister of Energy at the Prime Minister's Office, Pehin Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Awang Haji Mohammad Yasmin bin Haji Umar, visiting our booth in the recent CAEXPO 2017
Deputy Minister of Finance, Dato Seri Paduka Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, visiting our booth in the recent CAEXPO 2017. 
Jumanji Tuition School in CAEXPO 2017 in Nan Ning China
Jumanji Tuition School Team in CAEXPO 2017.
Brunei's Prince Mateen -Yang Teramat Mulia Paduka Seri Pengiran Muda Abdul Mateen, posing a selfie with Ms. Ema in CAEXPO 2017.
Brunei's Chinese Radio station "Pelihan FM" interviewing Mdm.Stella Teo live.
Brunei's City of Charm won the "The Best City of Charm Pavilion" amongst all countries that participated in CAEXPO 2017.
Photos taken with some exhibitors who came to our booth in the CAEXPO 2017.
Robots exhibition in the CAEXPO 2017.
Singapore in the CAEXPO 2017.
Meeting more Chinese Friends in CAEXPO 2017
Michael and Stella at the recent CAEXPO 2017 in Nan Ning China
Stella and Michael at the International Booth in recent CAEXPO 2017 in Nan Ning China
Stella and Michael at the International Booth in recent CAEXPO 2017 in Nan Ning China
Students' Testimonials
Read 2005 Testimonials
2005 - started Jumanji Tuition School from Home
Read 2006 Testimonials
2006 - in Dec this year, we had our first AAD 2006
Read 2007 Testimonials
Read 2008 Testimonials
Read 2009 Testimonials
Incorporated in 2009, also ventured into Internet Tuition
Read 2010 Testimonials
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Read 2012 Testimonials
Read 2013 Testimonials
Read 2014 Testimonials
Read 2015 Testimonials
Celebrated 10th Anniversary - gave away a Brand New Car to the lucky student
Read 2016 Testimonials
In 2017, Relaunching Next Phase of Internet Tuition @
Participated in DARE, re-launched and re-branded our Online Tutorial educational Video site that students can earn points and get prizes @, where learning is now 24/7/365. This app-like site allows students to learn Anywhere, Anytime, Repeatedly. Good for last minute preparation of all tests and examinations.
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Our Services
Small Group Tuition - Classroom
One-to-One Tuition - Classroom
Internet Tuition - wifi a must!
Live Webinar Tuition - wifi a must!
China Services
Why Jumanji Tuition School?
Well Established since 2005
Best of Service and Support
1000s of Students' Testimonials
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Kiulap - Taken
48 Branches in Brunei - still open
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